About Us

It was early 1970s, when artist Constatinos Panagiotopoulos found his true calling in designing and hand-crafting brilliant jewelry. Many of the biggest Athens-based Jewelry Houses (Zolotas etc.) and the most famous Greek painters (G. Stathopoulos, Fasianos etc.), identified his profoundly gifted charisma creating only high-class ai???pieces of artai??? reflecting a timeless luxury even for the most demanding selected clientai??i??s needs.

As the years went by, his daughter, Eirini, grew up among thousands of precious stones, tons of flawless metals and immeasurable cultural knowledge, cultivating and nurturing finished book reports unconsciously inside her a deep love for jewels.

Graduated in 2009 from University of Piraeus in Maritime Studies, fine jewellery designer Eirini Panagiotopoulou decided after many years to return to her forever burning passion and follow her ai???inheritedai??? roots in Jewelry, starting up her eponymous brand ai???Ellinaai??i??s Treasuresai???. With the unquestionably vital assistance from her ai???artistai??? father and her ai???creativeai??? mother, Eirini aims at offering high quality hand-crafted pieces at an affordable price.

Being truly enchanted by Greece and its beauty, the collections are inspired by Ancient Times and culture of Greece. The designs reflect a style of simplicity, ancient influences and modern aesthetics!!
ai???Ellinaai??i??s Treasuresai??? House offers pieces that ai???mirrorai??? the thrill for storytelling and avant-garde design, striving to crack modern luxury with a touch of raw sensuality. These understated pieces are designed to be both functional jewellery as well as art objects.

The ai???Ellinaai??i??s Treasuresai??? collections confidently and elegantly express Eiriniai??i??s internal tension between voluptuousness, dreaminess and something stricter: ai???I try to be pure and clear,ai??? the designer explains. ai???But I canai??i??t help myself, Iai??i??m a meditator, I think of the Greek History, the magnificent Mythology and Dodekatheism and the epic poems, the tragediesai??i??ai???

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